Evolution of the Ethnographer

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It’s been some time, almost a year since my last post. My life and philosophy have been evolving in leaps and bounds, but the missions and passions remain the same.

First: Sage86 Photography is no more. I wanted a name more personal and original; friends and colleagues suggested I use my name due to its uniqueness.

Second, I have more time on my hands now that I’m not writing for school anymore. However, you will definitely see the slight change in my writing style, citations and social critique will intersect with my analysis rooted in feelings.

Finally, this blog is to showcase my prowess as a documentarian, not just as a photographer. The former incorporates all of my specialties: research and analysis, writing editorially with an academic flare, and photography/video.

For now, enjoy some of these photos from my recent trip to South Africa and check back from time to time for more shots and fresh content.


Product Photoshoot with DJ LMS

Some of my favorite shots from a product shoot I did with DJ LMS a few days ago.  Shirts modeled by DJ LMS himself.

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Jura and Milla: The Engagement

These are engagement photos shot for underground Chicago hip-hop artist, Jura Shaheed and his fiance, Milla.

Jura has a signature sound influenced by generations of soul,  jazz, and experimental hip-hop.  His music is definitely worth checking out; fulfilling the tastes of music enthusiasts and casual listeners as well.

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Argus and the Fingers

For anonymity, I’ll refer to my associate as “Mr. B.”


His office is located in the “Jeweler’s Row” district in downtown Chicago.  Ten floors above Wabash avenue, amongst tens of jewelry shops in the area, he offers impeccable camera repair.  He is partial towards photography students, and implied that he thinks of them as uncultured and lofty.

Mr. B is also missing the tips of two of his fingers.  He’s already intriguing as it is, but finding out about his fingers by shaking his hand was another story in itself.

He repaired my Argus from the ’50s, and was showing me the new shoe mount and winding mechanisms when I took the shot.


Tracks and ‘scapes

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Caught a few magic hour shots downtown the other night. I stuck around downtown until after dark and the snow started to hit.

The best weather for shooting?  Any weather.  Preferred conditions?  The challenging ones.